About us

DRUPOL, the production cooperative was founded in June 1935, it was an association of small craftsmen. Team members were often forced to address existential issues related to the economic crisis and the country's political situation. The period of the protectorate was very unfavorable for cooperatives. The team managed to overcome this difficult period. After World War II, the activities of the cooperative were slowly renewed and expanded.

First, the company specialized mainly in the production of agricultural tools, which is the name DRUPOL itself - the abbreviation of the words field, tool, team and cooperative. The company further expanded the field of activities, such as wood production and also metal production. In 1960, the company was forced to hand over its premises in Prague and outside Central Bohemia to cooperatives established in the area.

Portfolio of activities

The iconic red table lamp DRUPOL was also produced in the 1960s of the last century, which was ranked among the most interesting icons of Czech design. In the following years, the activities of the company were extended to the car service and the division of garden and forest machinery. We continue  with metal production and car service up to today.

In 1992, the privatization of the company took place, during which time the company was transformed into a company of owners. At present, DRUPOL employs more than 100 employees in its three outlets.

DRUPOL today

At present, all the divisions of the company are undergoing modernization. In Zdice and Příbram our car showrooms got a new modern design. Our metal production has moved to new premises in Městec Králové, where we have expanded our range of technologies such as fiber laser with a rotary axis, electric 3D pipe bender of Elect 40, automatic press machine Helmerding with a pushing force of 500 tons or new welding robot URIAS. Currently we are also preparing a new press with the pressing force of 500 tons. We are therefore ready to continue to offer the high quality of our products and services and to fully adapt to our customer requirements. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.