As part of the innovation of manufacturing technology, we purchased a powerfull 1500 W fiber laser with rotary axis.           

This laser combines high speed, accuracy and cutting efficiency with rotary axis capabilities, making it a very versatile machine. It has a high quality cutting head, a positioning accuracy of 0.05 mm / m. Thanks to this, the fiber laser is used wherever the exact product dimension is required. It is suitable for cutting steel sheets up to 8 mm thickness, stainless steel sheets up to 4 mm thickness and sheets of non-ferrous metals - copper up to 2 mm thickness and aluminum up to 3 mm thickness. Thanks to the integrated rotary adapter, we also allow metal profiles to be cut to a maximum length of 6300 mm and a diameter of 140mm. Fiber lasers have a higher laser beam energy density that is achieved by concentrating the laser beam energy on a smaller surface. This gives the fiber lasers a much smaller width of cutting with sharp edges. This allows precise cutting of very fine structures as well. Multiple cutting speeds provide smaller temperature changes around the cutting area and minimizes material deformation due to heat.