Collaborative welding unit

In August 2019 we bought a new reinforcement for our welding workplace in Městec Králové - welding robot Urias ONE FR 173, which we renamed to "DRUbot 001", because it is tailored to our needs and requirements.

It is a collaborative = cooperating welding unit designed for welding of simple weldment.
The robotic arm with torch is mounted on a massive 2400x1200 mm welding table and is controlled by the operator via a remote wired controller.
The robot is equipped with a simulation button, which is used to execute the “clean” program without welding itself, when the operator verifies the correctness of the entire operation.

The best welding quality is ensured by the revolutionary TPSi FRONIUS system, specially designed for robotic welding industry 4.0

Welding technology is MIG / MAG, welding gas argon, CO2.
The manufacturer is FABA robots, s.r.o.